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A Cosplay Life

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A popular High School girl must duel her arch nemesis in order to prevent her nerdy secret identity from being exposed to the world.


Director's Statement (The Cremer Brothers)

“A Cosplay Life” explores the idea of living a dual life. What if the popular girl in High School was a secret nerd? What if

somebody found out? The parts of Hailey and May were written specifically for Anjelica Jayes and Grace Soriano respectively. The character of Hailey was based on our first interactions with Anjelica Jayes while filming “God’s Law”. She looks like a typical young woman but once we engaged in conversations we found out that she was in fact a bit nerdy. The character of May was based off of the typical World of Warcraft player (and maybe a couple of players specifically). She is crude and unfiltered due to her lack of real life social interactions.

The script spent more time exploring the sexism female gamers face while playing games online or from just joining in general chats about all things nerd. Unfortunately a lot of this had to be cut for time but we feel the concept still made it into the final film; just a bit more subtly than we wanted. A lot of the concepts/themes/ideas are based on things we’ve seen first-hand and much of the dialogue is lifted from actual interactions in the gaming world.

Screenings & Official Selections
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2023 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection.png
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2020 Northeast Film Festival - Official Selection.png
Awards & Nominations
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Production Information

Year of Production
Filming Locations



Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro




Oakland, NJ, USA
West Milford, NJ, USA
Photo Gallery

Marks the third time Grace Soriano and the Cremer Brothers have worked with Bettina Skye (God's Law; A Tall Drink of Walter).

Marks the fifth time Grace Soriano and the Cremer Brothers have worked together (Keep It in the DarkGod's Law;   A Tall Drink of WalterAssisted Suicide).

Marks the second time the Cremer Brothers have worked with Anjelica Jayes. The first being God's Law.

Director Cameo: Joe played the basketball coach in what was supposed to be the post-credit scene but was ultimately cut from the film. The scene was filmed at West Milford High School.

Filming took place at the home of Anjelica Jayes' (Hailey) parents while her they were on vacation.

The school scenes were filmed at Macopin Middle School.

Post-production was postponed for over one year in order for JoeBert Entertainment to collaborate on several projects with Outtake Productions, including The Angry Man, Forgotten, and Play Date.

Although it was filmed in the summer of 2018 it was not completed until late 2020.

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