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A Tall Drink of Walter



Walter - J. Antonio

Landlady - Bettina Skye


Produced by

The Cremer Brothers & Grace Soriano

Written & Directed by

Grace Soriano

Director of Photography

Joe Cremer

First Sound Engineer

Herb Cremer

Second Sound Engineer

Nathan Bedford

Thank you to the Bedfords.

A strange outsider harboring a secret looks for lodging in the home of a lustful woman with many questions.


Director's Statement (Grace Soriano)

This film was started as a Film I project for my college class. The professor gave us two weeks to finish our screenplay and

shoot the film. I collaborated with JoeBert Entertainment to complete the film as they supplied the equipment and were able to guide me as a first-time director. For this project, I stripped down my original vision to its barest bones, utilizing minimalism to tell the story in a way that could be done on no budget and with the fewest resources necessary. 

I hired Bettina, having worked with her prior to filming this short. Using her contacts, she was able to help us cast J. to play Walter the day before filming. Even though there was a bit of difficulty working with an inexperienced actor, I was able to overcome each challenge as it arose during filming. Many sacrifices to my original vision had to be made in order to fit the constraints put on the production, notably a third character that appeared in the original draft of the script, but had to be cut due to the filming limitations I faced.

A friend of mine was able to lend his house for filming, which took place over a single day. In order to manage the limited time I had to severely reduce my initial shot list and combine all separate shots in Scene 2 into one long tracking shot.

Less than halfway through filming, the Boom Mic Operator fell ill and needed to be replaced. Thankfully, the friend who lent me his house was able to take over the position until filming was completed.

Before editing the film was completed, I was admitted to the hospital with a severe case of the flu. My professor gave me an extension to have the film completed and I worked with Joe Cremer (Producer/Cinematographer) to finalize editing.

I was inspired by the work of Nicolas Roeg, specifically The Man Who Fell to Earth to create this film. I wanted to tell the story of an extraterrestrial alien, but without the need for any special effects or makeup to portray the alien. The experience and obstacles making this, my first film, has helped me become better prepared for future projects and the challenges they bring.

Screenings & Official Selections
Grace's Official Selection - The Brights
Grace's Official Selection - Warwick Sum
Passaic 2019.png
Hang Onto Your Shorts.png
Official Selection - Hoboken  Internatio
First Contact.png
Official Selection - William  Paterson U
2019 Northeast Film Festival -  Official
2019 Rahway Reel Short Film  Festival -
Awards & Nominations
Grace's Nominee Best Ensemble - The  Bri
Grace's Winner Audience Award - Brightsi
Winner 2nd Place - Passaic County  Film
Winner 2nd Place - William Paterson Univ
Winner Best Actress - Hang Onto Your Sho
Winner Best Comedy - Hang Onto Your Shor
Nominee Best Actor - Hang Onto Your Shor
Nominee Best Director - Hang Onto Your S
2019 William Paterson University  Commun
2019 First Contact Short Film  Festival

Production Information

Year of Production
Filming Locations
Canon 6D w/ Rokinon Cine Lenses​
Hewitt, NJ, USA
Photo Gallery

Filmed entirely in one day on April 20, 2018.

A Tall Drink of Walter was Writer/Director Grace Soriano's final for film class.

Marks the second time Grace Soriano and the Cremer Brothers have worked with Bettina Skye. The first being  God's Law.

Marks the third time Grace Soriano and the Cremer Brothers have worked together (Keep It in the DarkGod's Law).

Filming took place at the home of sound engineer, Nathan Bedford in Hewitt, New Jersey.

Writer/Director, Grace Soriano, was given the Maltese Award from the communication department of her school, William Paterson University, due to the film's success outside of the university.

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