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Ebb and Flo

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A young woman's relationship begins to deteriorate as she struggles with an unknown disability that prevents her from understanding the concept of time.


Director's Statement (Grace Soriano)

When coming up with the concept for my Capstone film, I was starting to lose track of time with many things. Two-

hour classes seemed like they were five hours long. The weekends felt like a single day. Tuesdays felt like Wednesdays. That me made want to tell a story about time.

The original idea involved a man who struggled with his girlfriend because he could not keep days and times straight, missing important dates, thus ruining the relationship. However, when going through the auditions, the best performance for the role of Flo was from a woman, so the character was rewritten to be a woman.

The first scene was shot right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in a cancer ward at a hospital. The actress playing Flo had issues with the wardrobe for the scene, raising the first red flag. The bulk of production was filmed in Manhattan. In transit to the filming location, the actress playing Flo dropped out of the production. I was forced to either cancel the production entirely or rework the script that night and complete the film with one actress playing both Flo and Cici. I chose the latter, and thankfully Caitlin agreed to take on the role of Flo in addition to Cici, having to learn her lines as we went. Each master shot was filmed twice, once with Caitlin as Flo, and again with her as Cici.

We wrapped filming early as New York City was going into full lockdown because of the pandemic. I was unable to film three of the scenes because of the lockdown, and the hospital scene was ultimately cut from the film because it could not be reshot with Caitlin as Flo.

The editing process was much more grueling due to the fact that we had to splice several scenes together. We had to learn new editing techniques quickly to help us complete the film to meet the Capstone deadline.

This was the most challenging project I worked on to date. The continuous hurdles that presented themselves throughout the production taught me how to overcome any obstacle in any future productions.

Screenings & Official Selections
2021 In the Cut Film Fest - Official Sel
2021 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival
2021 Brightside Tavern Film Festival - Official Selection.png
2021 Turnpike Film Festival - Official Selection.png
2021 LIIFE - Official Selection.png
2021 Hudson Valley Film Festival - Official Selection.png
2021 Lake Travis Film Festival - Official Selection.png
2021 Northeast Film Festival - Official Selection.png
2021 Studio City International Film Festival - Official Selection.png
Awards & Nominations
2021 Brightside Tavern Film Festival - Winner Best Concept.png
2021 Brightside Tavern Film Festival - Nominee Best Actress.png
2021 Turnpike FF - Winner - Best Actress.png

Production Information

Year of Production
Filming Locations
Canon 6D
Hewitt, NJ, USA
Passaic, NJ, USA
New York, NY, USA
Photo Gallery

Grace Soriano's capstone (thesis).


The first day of filming took place on March 13, 2020 in Passaic, NJ. Production resumed on March 16th and wrapped on the 17th in Manhattan.

There were three written scenes and one filmed scene that had to be cut due to the lockdown of 2020.

Flo and Cici were never intended to be played by the same actress but the actress who was originally cast as Flo quit on March 15th, causing writer/director, Grace Soriano, to rewrite the script and adjust the shot list that night so filming could resume the next morning.

The first day of filming was shot with a different actress playing the role of  Flo. The filmmakers planned to use the footage after reshooting the part of Flo using Caitlin Connelly but ultimately it was decided to cut the scene.

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