JoeBert Entertainment, LLC in association with Outtake Productions

Play Date



Angie - Abbey Hafer

Katherine - Bettina Skye

Jane - Petra Seirmarco

Amy - Lianna Morra


Make Up Artist

Sabrina van Vliet

Music by

Chris Christiana

Set Designer

Diann Gogerty

Production Manager

Melissa Malone

Assistant Director

Theresa Labreglio


Grace Soriano

Produced by

The Cremer Brother

Melissa Malone

Theresa Labreglio

Associate Producers

Diann Gogerty

Grace Soriano

Written, Directed & Edited by

The Cremer Brothers

A young girl is lured into her neighbor's house to meet a new friend and share some birthday cake. What could possibly go wrong?


Director's Statement (The Cremer Brothers)

We chose to make "Play Date" at a time when we were exploring the emotions that accompany grief. We explored

what happens when somebody takes their grief too far. A mother who is unable to accept the fact that her child is dead, lead us to this creepy, awkward, horror film. It was filmed over the course of the same weekend as one of our other short films, "Forgotten". We were reluctant to film with children but our coproducers at Outtake Productions were experienced with child actors so we decided to give it a shot and it went better than expected. We had already worked with Bettina Skye, Petra Seirmarco, and Abbey Hafer. This was our first time working with Lianna Morra (other than "Forgotten" which was shot the night before) and we were delighted with her performance and professionalism. These films ("Forgotten" and "Play Date") were the first time that we had a crew. Teaming with our friends at Outtake Productions allowed us to step back and have a more hands on approach to directing without having to worry about the sound and cinematography.

The location was a bed and breakfast that we rented for the weekend to shoot these two short films. The location also housed the crew and some of the cast. Unfortunately the upstairs hallway was much smaller than we had anticipated and we were unable to draw out the suspense of Amy’s reveal the way we had originally wanted to but we did the best with what we had and were pleased with the end result. Although we thought the final shot of the film would leave people laughing (it was funny to us) most people find it creepy and disturbing.

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Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro​
Accord, NY USA
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The Music of Play Date
Play Date - Entire Score - Chris Christiana
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This is the final of three short films co-produced by Outtake Productions and JoeBert Entertainment in 2018 (the other two are The Angry Man and Forgotten).

Director Cameo: Joe's voice can be heard on the phone talking to Petra Seirmarco's character. 

The house where the film was shot was also used as the set for Forgotten. It also housed the cast and crew for both productions.

Production immediately began on immediately after wrapping on Forgotten.

Lianna Morra played two roles in the same weekend, starring as Amy and also as Mary Ann in Forgotten.