Assisted Suicide


Kristen's suicide is hindered when her friend, Nancy, decides to help her.



Kristen - Melissa Malone

Nancy - Diann Gogerty


Produced by

The Cremer Brothers & Grace Soriano

Written & Directed by

The Cremer Brothers

Director of Photography

Joe Cremer

Sound Engineer

Herb Cremer

Assistant Director

Grace Soriano

Screenings & Official Selections
Awards & Nominations

Production Information

Year of Production
Filming Locations
18:45 (alternate cut)
Dark Comedy/Drama
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro​
Bloomfield, NJ, USA

Marks the fourth time Grace Soriano and the Cremer Brothers have worked together (Keep It in the DarkGod's Law; A Tall Drink of Walter).

Filming was set to take place on March 25th and March 31st but was postponed due to Diann Gogerty (Nancy) going into early labor with her first child, Ellis Ward.

Marks the third time Melissa Malone and the Cremer Brothers have worked together (Keep It in the DarkGod's Law).

Marks the second time Diann Gogerty and the Cremer Brothers have worked together. The first being God's Law.

Marks the first time that the Cremer Brothers filmed in 4K.

Director Cameo: Joe played the role of Nancy's husband for the post-credit scene. The scene is not featured in the alternate cut.

An alternate cut of the film was created from April 22-23, 2019. It was edited down to make it more appealing to festivals that would otherwise pass on a twenty+ minute short film.

The home where the film was shot also housed the crew (The Cremer Brothers and Grace Soriano) for the weekend. 

This is the first Cremer Brothers' film that did not have a musical score.

The Cremer Brothers chose to shoot the film entirely handheld to make it uncomfortable for the audience to watch, much like the discomfort one would feel watching somebody struggle with depression.

“You're just like the people on death row. So lucky.”

– Nancy