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You're It



Abriella Grace Ruby as Addie

Valerie Stellar as Megan

Jacob Luke Morrell as Josh

Gage Law as Lewis

Jaeden Jennifer Antonelli as Kelly

Aven Campau as Matt

Diann Gogerty as Tina

Chris Christiana as Randy


Produced by

The Cremer Brothers, Diann Gogerty, Theresa Labreglio, & Melissa Malone

Assistant Director

Theresa Labreglio

Production Manager

Melissa Malone

Production Coordinator

Diann Gogerty


Chris Christiana

Director of Photography

Joe Cremer

Written & Directed by

The Cremer Brothers

A group of children decide to play a game of hide and seek to alleviate their boredom but nothing could prepare them for the outcome of this twisted game.


Director's Statement (The Cremer Brothers)

"You’re It" was a project that we had been sitting on for awhile but were concerned with working with that many

children. Luckily we had good experiences with child actors prior to this and we had our coproducers at Outtake Productions who are experienced with working with children. We were fortunate enough to secure the historic Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, New Jersey as our filming location. We only had one day at the location which limited what coverage we were able to get. The shortened days in November didn’t help either and we were unable to get a few shots that would have helped draw out the suspense a bit. The conditions were quite harsh to say the least. The night before our shoot was to begin we found out that there was no bathroom on the premises and we would have to “bus” the children to a convenience store down the road for bathroom breaks. With temperatures ranging from 29 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit we were forced to abandon wardrobe and allowed the children to wear their winter coats. We had to set up a tent with a heater inside for the children and their guardians to stay in between takes.

The film is a metaphor for the two types of people that exist: those that go out and seek for what they’re after and those that remain still, hiding, waiting to be found. You’re either going after your goals or you’re just waiting to die. Our frustration with other filmmakers helped to give birth to this idea. We started producing films in 2015 and since then have produced/coproduced 12 short films and a feature. And that’s only a small fraction of the scripts/ideas we have. Many other filmmakers are waiting for funding or are too busy talking about making films to actually do it. If you have to wait for somebody else to produce your film for you then it’s not the right time to make that project; move on. 

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Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro
Hamburg, NJ, USA
Jersey City, NJ, USA
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Due to a scheduling conflict Grace Soriano was unable to take part in the production. This is the first film written/directed by The Cremer Brothers that did not have Grace Soriano involved in some capacity.

Production began on November 16th, 2019 in Hamburg, NJ and wrapped on November 17th, 2019 in Jersey City, NJ.

Immediately after the film wrapped, production began on Best of Fest, using the same location that was used as Addie's house.

The majority of production took place in the historic Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, NJ.

Abriella Grace Ruby (Addie) and Gage Law (Lewis) were both in the short film, The Angry Man (although they did not share any screen time). Abriella played Gage's mom in a flashback.

Diann Gogerty (Tina) also starred in The Angry Man playing Abriella Grace Ruby's (Addie) present day character.