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Keep It in the Dark

A teenage girl with a dangerously inquisitive mind is told of a hometown legend. Her curiosity leads her to the site of the legend: a mysterious shed isolated deep in the woods. A shed that may or may not be the home of The Jersey Devil.

God's Law

A group of homosexual teenagers are sent to a “Christian counsellor”, who believes that reparative therapy is the cure for their “disease”. When that inevitably fails he turns to the Good Book: “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

A Tall Drink of Walter

A strange outsider harboring a secret looks for lodging in the home of a lustful woman with many questions.

Assisted Suicide

Kristen's suicide is hindered when her friend, Nancy, decides to help her.

A Cosplay Life

A popular High School girl must duel her arch nemesis in order to prevent her nerdy secret identity from being exposed to the world.

The Angry Man

A young woman returns to the place of a family tragedy to face her imaginary childhood fears, only to realize they may not be so imaginary after all.


A young man's long-lost sister returns, bringing with her a lifetime of forgotten memories.

Play Date

A young girl is lured into her neighbor's house to meet a new friend and share some birthday cake. What could possibly go wrong?


A late night encounter with a stranger is not what is seems.

You're It

A group of children decide to play a game of hide and seek to alleviate their boredom but nothing could prepare them for the outcome of this twisted game.

Dom, Luke and Trish run one of the most important independent film festivals in town (if you ask them). When Dom posts an announcement to the festival's social media, the team has to buckle down and do a month's worth of work in one night. 

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Ebb and Flo

A young woman's relationship begins to deteriorate as she struggles with an unknown disability that prevents her from understanding the concept of time.

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